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march 2017 calendar

March was the third month in the Gregorian calendar. The word is derived from the Dutch word “Maart” which comes the Latin word “Mars” which is believed to be the Roman god of war. Mars also immortalized as the name of a planet in the Solar System. calendar consists of image formats, is expected to provide convenience for those of you who need a complicated without the need to search the internet.

At first, March was the first month in the Roman calendar. However, in the year 45 BC, Julius Caesar added in January and February in front of him. This month has 31 days. You cant download march 2017 calendar, in this post i share march calendar for free i hope you enjoy and it can be useful

February 2017 calendar

February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. The word is derived from the Dutch in February that took away from the Latin, Februus, the god of purification. This month is a special month because the length can be 28 or 29 days, the Leap Year. Non standard spelling variations are sometimes used is “February”.

At the first time in February is the final months, until the year 450 BC, when it was finally put on the back of January. March ever as the beginning of the year, and February as the month’s final. But back in February finally placed as the 2nd month. By the Romans this month is seen as a time to celebrate the purification ceremony.

If you’re looking for a calendar template, you have the right to visit this site, the post I posted on February 2017 calendar. I always try to update the existing content on this site, I hope you enjoy and can be useful for you.

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